You & us

Building lasting relationships with our clients has been our priority since the launch of our agency in 2004.

We favour anticipation, an open mind and a positive attitude so that each working relationship commences with a warm exchange, progresses in a respectful atmosphere and is consolidated through mutual trust.

A passionate and curious team

We are insatiably curious and eager to dive deep into your world. We are passionate specialists who feed on the economic and social trends driving contemporary and future communications and design. We are here to help you navigate ever-changing currents intelligently and creatively.


Professional partnerships

We leverage a broad network of talent and bring these resources to bear on our drive to continuously innovate and better serve your needs. The effectiveness of our partnerships is the result of shared trust, common values, and an unwavering commitment to quality.

A partnership in PR strategy
to ensure effective national coverage

Zurich-based lemongrass is one of Switzerland’s benchmark agencies in the field of strategic communications, crisis management and media relations. lemongrass offers high value-added analytical capacity within the context of complex communications. It is part of the Brunswick network.

lemongrass communications and blossom have been partners since 2012

A partnership for the technical development
of tailor-made internet solutions

Monoloco is above all an agency on a human scale, led by a duo: Frederick and Frédéric. The agency is specialized in the development of tailor-made internet solutions (websites and mobile applications). Proximity, responsiveness and flexibility are the key words that punctuate the daily work of the agency.

A partnership to integrate brand identity
into Microsoft Office tools

Headquartered in Zug, Zigware develops custom IT tools and functionality to facilitate the application of corporate visual identity within Microsoft Office tools (Word, Excel and PowerPoint).

The Brandic tool makes it possible to integrate software-specific menus, in the form of an Add-in. Clients can then create 100% customized templates using a wizard, with a preview of the features. Support for the migration of all your documents and training modules is also offered.  |


A partnership delivering open source development 
for web, intranet and e-commerce

Ideative is a Geneva-based digital agency specializing in the implementation of complex projects using open source tools Drupal, Wordpress, TYPO3 and Laravel.Geneva-based development teams enable agile collaboration throughout the entire project life cycle. 


Our team

Our philosophy

Our rigorous streak


Creativity is not the result of chance. It emerges from sound strategy, targeted briefs, effective and collaborative tools, structured exchanges, and teamwork. Each project is a challenge into which we invest all our energy until we achieve a result that conveys meaning with an aesthetic quality we can all be proud of.

Our vibrant streak


We believe in the power of a smile. We push forward with a positive attitude … always. We love this profession for the fascinating exchanges of ideas that arise. For the moments of pure inspiration. For the challenges. For the beauty. And for the transformation that comes as a result, awakening emotions and providing new momentum.

The agency in numbers