Laurence De Cecco

Founder / Director

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Laurence is first and foremost an entrepreneur, an observer from whom little escapes, an empathetic and effective listener, with a naturally elegant style. She is energized by new projects and intensely motivated by challenges. Her weeks are filled with marathon workdays!

Laurence’s stock is undeniably Made in Switzerland but softened and warmed by her Italian heritage. She has the uncanny ability to constantly pick up on trends and innovations, which she discovers as much online as through her travels. Thanks to her availability and commitment to serve the interests of her clients as much as to her dedication to creating a warm and positive work environment, Laurence delivers more than just vivid communication, she succeeds in bringing life and soul to the most complex projects. Characterized by a perpetual forward motion and her tireless pursuit of excellence, Laurence has grown the agency she created in 2004 into a recognized benchmark in the French speaking part of Switzerland. Her mantra can be summed up in three words: everything is possible.

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"Where there’s a will, there’s a way"
Francis Boggs

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