Sophie Loretan

Communications Assistant

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Memorized Chinese characters


Number of concerts played in 6 countries since the September 2016 launch of the Sophie de Quay & The WaveGuards project

Sophie is responsible for blossom’s internal communications. Brimming with creativity, she is involved in organizing events, community and customer relations, team building, and idea generation. Her laser-like attention to detail and uncanny ability to get things done has earned her the reputation for someone who has a secret ability to transform seconds into hours. When Sophie leaves the office, she puts on a different costume and becomes manager, singer and songwriter of the band Sophie de Quay and the WaveGuards. A multilingual globetrotter, she thrives on learning new things and is a positive and ambitious team player.


Higlights of Sophie’s CV

“They weren’t aware that it was impossible, so they did it.”
Mark Twain

What Sophie does really well

The personal traits that have nothing to do with her role but reveal who she is

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