Branding Strategy

To ensure your brand
stands out

Your brand is a major asset. Well managed, it can support and positively influence the success of your business. It is at the root of every communications project. Our approach assesses your brand in all its complexity. We take into account the company context and objectives. Together, we confirm the concrete elements of your brand’s differentiation and identify your core motivations. We analyze the issues specific to your market segment and review your competitive landscape. At the end of this process, we will provide you with tools to transform your brand, making it more powerful, authentic, and instantly recognizable.

Let’s talk about your needs

  • Find a great name for your brand

  • Identify your competitive advantages

  • Summarize the essence of your brand with an engaging brand promise

  • Define a brand territory that conveys meaning

  • Build team morale and motivation through the expression of a meaningful mission statement and values

  • Define a tone of voice that reveals your brand personality

We have solutions

  • Naming

  • Brand positioning

  • Brand architecture

  • Brand promise

  • Editorial guidelines

  • Brand story

  • Brand book

  • Change Branding / Change Management

Our Brand essens® model

The Brand essens model was conceived for small and medium-sized companies but can be adapted to larger scale projects. It involves a structured three-phase process that delivers a simple, effective brand strategy.

Phase 1
Assessment of your current brand identity
We assess the current perception of your brand based on a semiological study of all the relevant elements.

Phase 2
Formalization of your brand positioning

We identify the personality, values and vision behind your brand, in the context of company history, current stakes and market activity.

Phase 3
Brand fundamentals
We deliver editorial guidelines, key messages, a mood board, and a brief that will serve as the basis for the creative work needed to develop your communications tools.