Digital Strategy

To make your brand shine
in the digital sphere

Your clients must recognize your brand in each of its iterations, both via traditional channels and digitally. They expect your tone, key messages and visuals to all mesh with your brand personality. We work to align your digital strategy with your branding, for more impact and a better return on your investment. Such is the objective of a consistent and targeted digital presence.

Let's talk about your needs

  • Understand how to create links between various channels of communication

  • Identify your clients’ behaviors and expectations in the digital sphere

  • Accurately target market segments

  • Engage your customers with animations and videos

  • Track digital communications metrics

  • Improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  • Improve your visibility and conversion rates

We have solutions


  • Digital strategy definition

  • Digital action plan with KPIs

  • Modeling workshops

  • Design Sprint workshops

  • Definition of website structure

  • Definition of personas

  • Story board creation



  • Internet sites (portals, intranet, extranet) and applications

  • Content creation

  • Videos

  • Animation / Motion design / Infographics

  • Social media management

  • Search Engine Advertising (SEA)

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Webmarketing and development

We work closely with our trusted technical partners to provide integrated support for your digital projects. We manage the development of your website, the implementation of your action plan on social networks, and other web marketing projects according to your objectives. The goal is to strengthen your brand's digital presence and support growth.


Accurate targeting and real-time metrics: these are the key advantages of digital marketing. We provide you with the means to optimize your digital impact by measuring your return on investment. Together, we will increase your conversion rates and improve your performance.

  • Definition of key performance indicators (KPIs), monitoring, and reporting

  • AdWords and AdSense campaigns

  • Social media campaigns

  • Natural referencing and paid referencing (SEO / SEA)

  • Newsletters and blogs

  • Optimizations and recommendations